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New Hampshire: Vote and Sing!

We’re Voting In New Hampshire
(to tune of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire”)

Meet Barack and Hillary, Edwards, Paul and Huckabee
Richardson, McCain, and Romney, Giuliani too --

Gravel and Kucinich slow, Fred Thompson from “L&O,”
Alan Keyes and Duncan Hunter, and John Cox (John WHO?)

Biden and Chris Dodd are gone, all the rest are pushing on --
Shmoozing voters with no rest, telling you that they’re the best

Dixville Notch gets spotlight, for their vote at midnight --
“Change”: A slogan here to stay -- ten months till Election Day!

We’re voting in New Hampshire
Where “so goes the nation”
Is our reputation
We’re voting in New Hampshire
Though we’re one of fifty,
Our track record’s nifty!

-- Linda Courtemanche, 1/8/2008.

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