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The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is gearing up for "Celebrating 100 Years of the Greatest Race Course in the World."

The Indy 500 ("Indianapolis 500 Mile Race") started in 1911 at what is billed as the world's largest spectator sporting facility. Even if you're not a car-racing fan, plan to visit if you have the chance; it's a fun tour.

Our group took a bus around the 2.5-mile oval track, although our driver did not blast us around it at 237 mph (the fastest recorded Indy 500 lap). Just as well!

The Indy 500 -- not the only race held here -- is rich with traditions, including the winner kneeling to kiss the "Yard of Bricks" at the start-finish line (the course was paved in 1909 with 3.2 million bricks), and gulping down some nice cold milk to celebrate the victory.

The complex also includes a Media Center, luxury suites for viewing the race, an emergency medical center, the well-known "Gasoline Alley" garage area, the Hall of Fame Museum (displaying a century of cars) and even a golf course! And it's close enough to Indianapolis for visitors to catch a glimpse of the city skyline.

You'll even find they have their own sense of time here: Wall clocks are labeled not only Tokyo, London, New York, and Los Angeles, but "Speedway"!

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll find.

The Pagoda, overlooking the start-finish line.

Thirty-three cars start this race, held annually over Memorial Day weekend.

The start-finish line and the "Yard of Bricks."

Victory Podium: Home of the winners!

The Media Center, home base for the press covering the race.

The Hall of Fame Museum.

A future Indy winner?

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Nov. 30th, 2010 09:05 pm (UTC)
I've been there.
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