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Till lately, this meant birds singing on your windowsill. Now, it's friends gabbing on your computer.

I'm a recent convert to Twitter, a social networking/"microblogging" site which encourages you to answer, as frequently as you like, the question, "What are you doing?" You have 140 characters in which to craft your response. Some answers I've read stick to rock-hard facts, some are no-holds-barred funny. You can follow others' responses, and they can follow yours.

As a blogger, I can't help wondering if the trend is toward the increasingly short. Is the quickie Facebook status update or Twitter "Tweet" the refuge of the stressed adult who has just staggered home from doing overtime and doesn't want to deal with typing a long blog post?

And if so, is this the last step in the "brevity is the soul of wit" march of technology? Because I'm looking into my crystal ball and seeing, in the near future, a 'teensy-Twitter.'

Instead of 140 characters, it would just seek one this-says-it-all word. For instance:


Or whatever else you want the world to know!

What could be quickier or easier? Makes me wonder why I bother with this blog of blather...

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Mar. 10th, 2009 12:08 pm (UTC)
Because I visit you here...and I d/won't twitter! giggles
Mar. 10th, 2009 05:13 pm (UTC)
i think twitter is just another example of our hurry up society. i can totally see a teensy-twitter on the horizen. me...right now...in a word? heartburn
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