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The Unbloggable Teen

Many of my favorite blogs are by moms -- so why don't I write about my child?

My dilemma is this: My son is 15, and I don't want anything I blog now about him to resurface later and bite him in the butt. About.com warns teens, "Blog posts can come back to haunt you. Blogs are open for the entire world to read and the posts are going to be there for a very long time. So, not only are your high school teachers able to read it, but the information may be available to the college admissions officer who will be doing a background check on you in a couple of years."

It really is a shame. I keep reading wonderful posts about bloggers' kids (usually little kids or grown ones) -- great stories that make me laugh or cry -- and I catch myself thinking, "Oh, wait till they hear what happened to us last night!" (I really DO have a classic story of what my son said to me last night.) I would love to be able to share tales of my son's triumphs and challenges.

And then it hits me: What if his classmates read it? What if an authority figure read it? Would they have a sense of humor or compassion? Would they "get it"? Or would they use it against him?

So I shut up.

But I would have loved having a blog when he was a preschooler. The stories I could have told...

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Jan. 9th, 2008 01:45 am (UTC)
Do you know about locking posts?