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Click It, Clean It

I'm tackling a cleaning project I've dreaded -- a small area of my home crammed full of folders that need opening, examining, filing, tossing.

Yep, it's computer-cleaning time.

The "paperless" (yeah, right) 21st century has added another layer to housekeeping. I start with my desktop, which is cluttered with so many folders, picture clippings, etc. that I can barely see my lovely, tranquil wallpaper of the clear waters of Walden Pond. I can hear Thoreau chiding me: "Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!"

Yes, Henry. I'm working on it. I've dragged to the trash (with its satisfying "slam!" sound effect) quite a collection of no-longer-needed files (especially from my son's Career Exploration PowerPoint), and I've saved some "keeper" files -- a poem, an activity announcement, a blog-post draft.

Now I can see the pond.

I'm also plowing through my bookmarks -- a staggeringly long list of them. They were political stories, animal stories, quirky tales ("Baby Monitor Picks Up Video from NASA"). Some I had read and saved; some I had never read. I open them one by one, and find that after a year or so, many of them tell me: "Page not found." "The web server returned a 404 error." And the Department of Redundancy Department entry: "Document Not Found. The document you requested could not be found."

Yes, I had pretty much figured that out.

I hit "delete." Repeatedly. Then I drag countless other bookmarks into their appropriate folders: Blogs, humor, genealogy, travel, writing, politics.

Unfortunately, as I review bookmarks, I find interesting links to click. And I think, "Oh, what a beautiful sunset photo! Hey, this is a great blog! Wow, what a wonderful resource!"

Click. Click. Click. My bookmark list gets pregnant again.

I feel a poke in the ribs: "Simplify, simplify."

Yes, Henry. I really am trying.

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