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The Question

Every time I turn around lately, I'm being asked the question.

Last night, at the high school's financial-aid night, the mom of two of my son's schoolmates stopped on her way out to chat with me about college plans, kids' activities, and so on.

Then she asked me the question: "What are you doing for the Inauguration?"

That's when I remembered she had stopped into the local Obama office shortly before the election to pick up a campaign button. (We'd been fresh out, so I'd given her mine.)

The best man from our wedding called me today to catch me up on his family's doings, and then he inquired, "What are you doing for the Inauguration?"

I got an email tonight from a fellow campaign volunteer: "What are you doing for the...?"

So I'll tell you what I told them: I'm going to PARTY! I'm not going to D.C. (my invitation from Barack and Michelle must've gotten lost in the mail), but local inauguration parties are springing up like weeds, and I'm going to hit as many as possible.

Yes, I Can!

What are YOU doing for the Inauguration?

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