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Happy Hanukkah!

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights. Here is a Hanukkah primer that covers a lot of FAQ.

I just found out that the poet Emma Lazarus, famous for writing "The New Colossus" which is quoted at the base of the Statue of Liberty ("Give me your tired, your poor..."), also wrote a Hanukkah poem. Here is an excerpt:

From "The Feast of Lights," by Emma Lazarus:

"Even they by one voice fired, one heart of flame,
Though broken reeds, had risen, and were men,
They rushed upon the spoiler and o'ercame,
Each arm for freedom had the strength of ten.
Now is their mourning into dancing turned,
Their sackcloth doffed for garments of delight,
Week-long the festive torches shall be burned,
Music and revelry wed day with night."

Happy Hanukkah!


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