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Score One For Our Neighbors to the North!

A reader on Fluther.com described being in a "state of shock."

The reader lamented that "California, Arizona and Florida all passed constitutional amendments banning gay marriage, and Arkansas actually passed an initiative banning unmarried gay couples...the right to adopt children."

A sympathetic respondent offered one solution: "If you are gay or lesbian and are looking for somewhere that supports same-sex marriage, come to Canada! We’d love to have you and same-sex marriage has been legal nationwide since 2005. We don’t have Barack Obama yet, but we might try to convince him to move here too after his 8 years are up down there. ;) "

Hopefully one day soon, the United States can stand up for equality as strongly as Canada has! In the meantime, the words below, from a 'No on Prop 8' T-shirt, sum up the situation rather well:

"Land of the Free *

*some restrictions apply
void where prohibited
offer not available in all states."

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