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[Yes, this story involves getting to home base, but not THAT way!]

When I get home from my meeting, I find one disgruntled hubby; the Boston Red Sox are behind the Tampa Bay Rays in the seventh inning, 5-0. If Tampa wins this game, they go to the World Series and the Red Sox don't.

I suggest hubby go to bed so he doesn't see the kill.

He lingers briefly, but then trudges upstairs.

Our 16-year-old son brings down hubby's mood a bit more by announcing that the score is now 7-0. On that somber thought, hubby drifts off to sleep.

I work on email with one eye on the TV. The score becomes 7-1. I allow myself a small grin.

Then the Sox's David "Papi" Ortiz gets a three-run homer, making the score 7-4.

I thunder upstairs to wake hubby and tell him the score, just in case he wants to come downstairs. He smiles but stays in bed. I go back to my email.

Then J. D. Drew gets a two-run homer. It's now 7-6.

I race upstairs again and wake hubby again. He mumbles, "Wake me if it's 7-7."

Okay, fine, back to the computer. Until Coco Crisp ties up the game.

Back upstairs to hubby. This time he shakes off the sleep and makes his way down to the living room.

And is on hand and (semi) awake after midnight, when the Sox make the score 8-7 and secure the win. That makes the ALCS 3-2, and the rivals meet again Saturday night at Tropicana Field. The series winner goes head-to-head with the Phillies on Wednesday.

The good news is that hubby got to see a piece of the amazing Sox turnaround -- although he said it "took a year off my life."

The bad news is that he'll be pretty bleary-eyed at work in the morning.

But hey, it was in a good cause.

Go Sox!

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