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Don't Get Scared, Get Busy!

Welcome to Fantasyland.

This is where the Dow drops 500 points -- the worst freefall since 9/11 -- yet John McCain says our economy is strong.

Tell that to the local woman who told me she just lost her job.

Tell that to my neighbors whose homes have been for sale month after month with no takers.

Tell that to my friend whose city sells gas for five and a half bucks a gallon.

How stupid does McCain think we are?

When the news from Fantasyland gets scarier and scarier, what do we do?

Don't get scared, get busy.

I'm volunteering at the local Obama office three days a week and going out with signs and literature to local events on other days.

I'm meeting other people who are coming to the office door and asking how they can help. They are making phone calls, doing data entry, going door to door, putting up yard signs -- whatever it takes.

If you can join us, wherever you live and whenever you can, I urge you to get involved, even if you have never been active in politics before.

Because we cannot afford to live in Fantasyland.

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