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The Reports Of My Death...

Greetings from the Blogging Hall of Shame! I see I haven't posted for (gulp) three weeks.

I've been -- again -- on the road. I spent the last two weeks of August in Massachusetts with my parents, and I came home on Labor Day. The next morning, I was off to Philadelphia for a five-day genealogy conference!

I came home from that last night, and today I did some basic catching up on emails, phone calls, and sleeping. (The sleeping part was especially satisfying...)

Seems like a lot has happened since I've been gone! In Massachusetts, I watched parts of the Democratic National Convention, and in Philadelphia I watched part of the Republican convention.

When I headed north three weeks ago, no one was talking about Sarah Palin or Wasilla, Alaska. Now it's all anyone talks about!

And my son started eleventh grade.

It's going to be an exciting year! Can't wait to blog about it. Hopefully a few of you are still on hand to read about it and to join in!

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