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How To Truly Honor Our Troops

We remember and honor on this day all those who have served and all those who have died.

I think about my father-in-law and my uncle, who both served overseas in World War II. They were fortunate to make it home, physically whole, to their families. I think about three of my four grandparents, World War I veterans. And I think about my father, who was called up for Korea but did not have to report because the war ended.

I support my country's troops -- always. I do not always support my country's wars. Despite some of the flag-waving propaganda over the years, these are two separate things.

Once, I was on vacation with my parents, probably during my high school years, and I got into a big debate with them about World War II. At that time, I was a fierce pacifist, and was arguing to my parents that war was never necessary.

But my parents, unlike me, had lived through World War II, and my mother reminded me of why America and its Allies had to defeat Hitler. She concluded simply, "There are some things worse than war."

Of course she was right, and I eventually got off my teenage soapbox and realized it.

It is because I care so much for the welfare of our troops that I don't want to see them put in harm's way except when it is absolutely essential. The current mess in Iraq should never have happened, and our troops should come home.

After making sure this happens, our government -- which talks such a good game about how much it supports our troops but doesn't deploy them prudently or equip them safely -- should also provide generous funding for their full physical and mental recovery on their return stateside.

Our troops have our backs; we should have theirs.

This Memorial Day, I wish for justice for our troops, and for us all. May our future world match the vision of this poem.

by Amanda Bradley

Peace will come when people live
In friendship, side by side,
And cherish understanding
More than hatred, greed and pride.

Peace will come when people see
All people as the same,
And no one has to live in fear,
In ignorance, or shame.

Peace will come when people
Who are needy can reach out
For shelter, food, or love,
And no one has to do without.

Peace will come when people
Learn to listen and to care
About the rights and dignity
Of people everywhere.

Peace will come when love and trust
And kindness know rebirth,
And on that day all people
Will rejoice in peace on earth.

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May. 29th, 2008 01:53 am (UTC)
This post is so important. I'm tired of being called anti-patriotic or anti-troops just because I question what the so called leaders of this country are doing. How can I be anti-troops when I just pray nightly that our men and women make it home safe?
Happy Belated Memorial Day.
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