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Say One For Ted

Most of America knows that Ted Kennedy is in the hospital tonight. Apparently he suffered a seizure for reasons unknown, and Mass. General is running tests to find out why.

Having grown up in Massachusetts, I (and my family) have long considered the Kennedys an indispensable part of our local scene, and we have admired Sen. Kennedy's tireless work on behalf of American families as the "liberal lion of the Senate." It occurred to me tonight that he has been in the Senate since I was one year old!

In 1980, I worked for his Presidential campaign. And this year, I have been thrilled to see him throw his influence behind Barack Obama's campaign.

His family and his country still need him, and I am hoping he has a full recovery and gets to party at next year's Inauguration.

I heard that from his hospital room tonight, Teddy was watching the Red Sox-Brewers doubleheader at Fenway (not necessarily an activity that lowers a Sox fan's blood pressure).

Happily, I can report the Sox won both games. Hopefully that's a good sign!

Get well soon, Senator!

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