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Bagpipes, Crepes, Steak, and Harrison Ford

Those were some key ingredients of my budget-friendly Mother's Day weekend.

Mother's Day, for me, started Saturday afternoon when hubby and I went out to the Second Annual Phoenixville Celtic Street Fair and Concert -- unfortunately without our 16-year-old son, who was neck-deep in homework. The weather started out iffy, but brightened through the afternoon, and hubby and I had a great time strolling down Bridge Street checking out the toe-tapping bagpipe and other live music, the many vendor tables, and a bookstore I hadn't been to.

(If you haven't been to an event like this, it was like the Valley Forge event I attended a few months ago -- only outside.)

Keeping my eye on the bottom line, I managed to stay away from buying any books, necklaces, or Dropkick Murphys T-shirts. :-) I kept my purchases to a single $1 green scrunchy bracelet with a shamrock on it -- and felt like I was sauntering around with some major bling! (In this economy, I'm trying to learn that retail therapy is all about the attitude, not the price.)

On the spur of the moment, catching sight of a restaurant sign saying "La Crêperie Café Bis," I decided we'd have our Mother's Day dinner a day early, since I love crepes and have missed the fabulous Magic Pan restaurant for the past twenty years or so! (Note: If you, too, are a Magic Pan-aholic, I have found sites online with recipes for some of their to-die-for crepes. Google away!)

The restaurant's atmosphere was relaxed and romantic, and the crepes were tasty but overpriced and not up to Magic Pan standards. (Just as well, so I won't be tempted to become a regular!) My recommendation: Go there for their dessert crepes, which are not quite as pricey. I quite enjoyed the "L'Américaine" crepe, with Nutella, peanut butter and bananas, although I wished for a more plentiful helping of bananas.

Anyway, I went home that night, feeling quite satisfied and pampered!

The next morning -- I won't tell you how late -- I was awakened with wonderful homemade Mother's Day cards from my son and from hubby. (Thanks, guys!)

Since we'd been out the day before, hubby and I had to make a grocery run on Mother's Day, which didn't sound fun but ended up being great. When we parked at the store, we saw a truck outside and found a man there grilling New York Strip Steak to tempt people into buying a pound or two. He handed us samples, and they were delicious. And he had music playing in the truck, so hubby drew me into a little dance right there in the parking lot. In a strange way, this might have been even more romantic than the crepe dinner! I'm not sure I'll ever forget that moment.

So we went inside the store and promptly found a table with some more samples of the NY Strip Steak. We helped ourselves, then picked up the rest of our groceries. And before we checked out, I saw hubby pushing the cart toward the steak table again! I snickered and asked, "Honey, why don't we try a taste of this?"

We got home and hubby cooked blueberry blintzes for our son, but somehow hubby and I weren't hungry!

Then, our son took a break from work and discovered that the Harrison Ford movie "Air Force One" was just beginning on TV, so we watched it for the first time. Not a perfect movie but quite a fun ride, with some surprising bits of humor. I wasn't sure if it was exactly Mother's Day entertainment, but then again the characters included the First Lady and her daughter, so I guess it counts!

In the evening, I also got to hang out with our son for a while and be silly -- a great way to end Mother's Day!

A final Mother's Day note: Here is a great cartoon for moms. Enjoy!

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May. 18th, 2008 03:05 am (UTC)
Blueberry Blintzes?? Oh, I am always hungry from those. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I'm glad.
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