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Meet the New Mee!

I've found yet another way to waste time in cyberspace. But it sure is fun!

The other day, I made myself a "WeeMee." It was like my childhood afternoons changing paper-doll clothes, but without those annoying paper tabs to fold. (Yes, I'm old.) All this took was a few clicks, and voila! The new me(e) is alive and well and decked out for Christmas!

I was able to choose my hair color and length, and could have given myself a beard or sideburns had I qualified. I skipped the makeup (as I do in real life) and the headwear (football helmet, sombrero, Native headdress, etc. -- although the royal crown was tempting!). I selected my festive and warm holiday top over a toga, bra, or "Stop Global Warming" T-shirt, important as the cause is. Jeans and shoes rounded out the outfit, even though the ballerina skirt and bunny slippers might have been amusing. And, boring Mee that I am, I skipped the Groucho glasses. Maybe on April Fool's Day I'll come back for those.

I picked some characteristic "interest" props, familiar to anyone who knows me -- books and chocolate. (I came this close to having my WeeMee hold the "Vote for Colbert 2008" sign.) Among the many other options one can choose from are a camera, easel, lightsabre (!), microscope, and a "Jail Paris" sign.

Now that I've sent my WeeMee out into the world, back to my online mini-golf game...


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