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March In a Nutshell

Here's the day-by-day scoop on my month, with the occasional snarky commentary:

Saturday, 1 March: Fudgelady continued to kick butt in women's self-defense class.

Sunday, 2 March: I went to Bethlehem (PA) to see a friend make her bigtime storytelling debut. It was a full house, and she rocked!

Monday, 3 March: Course-selection deadline for our 15-year-old. Can't believe he's going into 11th grade! This makes me officially decrepit.

Thursday, 6 March: Hubby went to the doctor to check out a big lump that suddenly appeared on his wrist. Happily, the doc wasn't worried (unless it grew bigger or got painful), and the lump is shrinking now. Whew!

Saturday, 8 March: Facilitated my genealogy-group meeting. At meeting's end, hopefully not due to my facilitation skills, all the lights went out.

Sunday, 9 March: Hubby and son played games at a friend's and then they all went out to the friend's birthday dinner (aka pasta orgy) at Maggiano's.

Monday, 10 March: My son and I went to Lancaster for a meeting, and I snapped photos of funny signs on the way home.

Monday, 10 March - Thursday, 13 March: Hubby took a business trip to West Virginia.

Thursday, 13 March: Meeting of our local area of the Montgomery County Democratic Committee. We planned our big pre-primary push for voter registration.

Saturday, 15 March: Hubby and son played racquetball with a friend, while I went to my last self-defense class.

Sunday, 16 March: I got on the phone to a list of Independent voters in my precinct, encouraging them to register as Democrats. Several did! :-) I also found a number of folks with no interest in registering with a party (which in PA means they can't vote in the primary -- I don't understand why they don't want to), and a large number of disconnected phone numbers.

Monday, 17 March - Monday, 24 March: Easter break from school. Unfortunately, most of it was taken up with homework.

Tuesday, 18 March: Hubby's car got inspected. It needed some pricey repair I've forgotten the details on (something to do with a ballbearing in the alternator that caused an alarming whine). Yuck.

Sunday, 23 March: Easter, which I slept through much of. When I awoke, my wiseass hubby glanced in on me and announced, "She is risen."

Tuesday, 25 March: Hubby and I had a fun morning in Intercourse.

Thursday, 27 March: I went to the high school's college fair, pinch-hitting for my son who was out sick that day. Expect a college-fair post in the near future, because I don't think I'm ready for this!

Friday, 28 March: Hubby and I had a spaghetti dinner at the high school; proceeds benefited a scholarship fund.

Monday, 31 March: I have a meeting tonight in Bucks County.

And another month bites the big one draws to a close! How was YOUR March?

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