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The Way Life Should Be

I was wonderfully pampered last night for seven bucks!

The local high school had a sign for a Spaghetti Dinner in the cafeteria for $7; hubby and I checked it out. (Okay, so that makes it fourteen bucks -- still worth it.)

I was expecting cheap eats, but I wasn't expecting the kind, attentive service from sit-down to cleanup.

"Would you like water, lemonade or iced tea?"

"Would you like your salad before your meal?"

"Would you like more spaghetti?"

"Would you like more lemonade?"

"Would you like cookies?"

"Would you like more cookies?"

"Would you like to take some cookies home with you?"

The eats were not only cheap but delicious, as well as plentiful and served with a smile.

I could so get used to living like this!

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