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Never Mind Gift Cards -- Try These!

Need to shop for someone with a quirky (or possibly deranged) sense of humor?

I found a games-and-novelties store last night with quite the assortment of unnecessary-but-funny items. For instance: You might add to your first aid kit a box of "Jesus adhesive bandages." The blurb says they're "perfect for cuts, scrapes, locust bites and other minor boo-boos."

Or perhaps give your favorite party hostess some Cat Butt Coasters -- for, as the package says, "sweaty bottoms."

Planning to get up close and cozy with someone special? Mix the personal and the political with George Bush Breath Mints -- called, appropriately enough, "National Embarrassmints."

(Yes, I bought a box.)

They had a Vincent van Gogh refrigerator magnet, but I boycotted it because, as I pointed out to the sales associate, it had two perfectly good ears. I'm all about historical accuracy...

Finally, for a devil of a good time (seems fair to include this since I already covered Jesus), there is the "Devil Duck" rubber duckie.

Who says it's hard to shop for those you love?


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Feb. 20th, 2008 07:07 pm (UTC)
Loving the new blog design!!!
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