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Groundhog's Diary: Part 2

Today, this groundhog got the surprise of his life.

Sure, it started out with the jokers in tuxes and top hats banging on my door. Next thing I knew, some guy was holding me up with one hand so my butt was dangling in midair. Real dignified.

I've got to admit it felt really good to let this crowd know they were in for six more weeks of snow, ice, sleet, slush, and windchills of minus 10.

A bit later, though, I felt ashamed of my thirst for revenge.

Because, at long last, the people like me. They really like me!

It started with one sign in the crowd. It had the name "Obama," crossed out. Then the name "Clinton," also crossed out.

And then the wonderful words: "Phil For President."

People began to applaud, to cheer, and to chant, "Phil! Phil! Phil!"

Next thing I knew, I had a campaign manager (Joe from the pet store), volunteers by the score, and a website (PhilForAmerica.com). I'm told my write-in campaign has a real shot on Super Tuesday.

Now, I guess I shouldn't tell anyone I lied about the six more weeks of snow. Anyway, I was for an early spring before I was against it.

Just realized I should wrap up this entry. I have to be at a fundraising dinner in an hour.

I hope they have some tasty grass!


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