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Message For Michigan

Are you a Michigan voter?

If so, I urge you to do the following when you go to today's primary:

Ignore the polls. Ignore the campaign ads. Ignore the hype. Ignore the cheap shots.

Know where the candidates stand on the issues most important to you.

And then...

Vote for who you believe will be the best President of the United States.

Thank you.

[P.S.: I know that not all the Democratic candidates are on the ballot here, and I'm sure most voters were going to do these things anyway, but I had to get up briefly on my soapbox when I saw the Detroit Free Press mouthing off about "long-shot" candidates. I couldn't help thinking this would be like the paper printing, "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith of 147 Rosewood Street, Springdale, will be away from their home on Saturday from 2 to 4" -- and then being shocked when the house is robbed!]

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