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February In a Nutshell

It was a short month but a lot happened!

I started out February wearing my "Democratic committeewoman and municipal chair" hat, going door to door with a state-representative candidate and his nominating petitions. He needed at least 250 signatures; he got many more than that by the deadline, so he's off and running (pun intended).

Then I dashed off to my first Women's Self-Defense class., where we learned the lifesaving value of a really loud scream. (A more recent class taught me to never leave a drink unattended, as there are apparently quite a few sickos out there waiting to drop date-rape drugs into the glass. Be forewarned, ladies!)

That weekend also brought the Super Bowl, and my dad's ER trip on Super Bowl Sunday ; thankfully, he turned out to be fine. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the New England Patriots.

As a political junkie, I kept an eye on Super Tuesday , and also attended the Montgomery County Democratic Committee's endorsement convention, where excitement and attendance were high as we head toward a Presidential primary in which our county's vote (on April 22) may be pivotal.

I went to a writers'-group meeting on blogging, which I'll blog on when I figure out where my notes went (!).

Hubby and I got our taxes done (early for once!), and kicked back the next weekend at the local Scottish and Irish Music Festival. The convention-center folks showed that they are ready (maybe a little TOO ready!) to cope with unexpected problems; when our 15-year-old son got a splinter in his finger and hubby asked to borrow a pair of tweezers, they sent an EMT! (By then, our son had gotten the splinter out himself and all the EMT did was whip out a wipe to clean the finger. But the EMT, as I recall, was wearing a kilt, so I guess he didn't have to come far... :-) )

Our son made his way through midterms, picked his courses for 11th grade, and managed to dodge most of the germs going around (he was only out sick one day in the month!). The three of us looked to his future at the Princeton Review's workshop on "Getting In" to college. He and hubby did some more weekend gaming with their friends.

The last week of the month turned out to be one prolonged birthday party for me! Even after I posted my food reviews, I had one more fun surprise waiting -- a friend called and invited me to her country club for dinner Thursday, along with another friend -- and when I got there, she said it was her treat because she had prepaid for more meals than she'd gotten around to eating! So I savored every minute of a sweet butternut squash and crabmeat soup, wonderful thick slices of homemade raisin bread, and an entree of pork chops stuffed with andouille cornbread, with spiced pumpkin cream and apple turnovers! For free! And it was all topnotch.

I am so spoiled rotten now; I'll bet even Queen Elizabeth doesn't eat this well most of the time. Last night I tried to get back, more or less, on the diet track, with a tasty grilled cheese and tomato sandwich with a side of cottage cheese.

Then I had some more cake. I'd better freeze some of it before I turn into a beachball!

Now, spring is just weeks away -- can't wait!

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Mar. 2nd, 2008 11:20 pm (UTC)
Nice summary of the month! The cake looks completely wicked! I'm jealous of you for getting to hear all that great music, but maybe I'll get a chance at some this month.

March is in like a lamb in West Virginia; that has me shaking in my shoes. But the lettuce is up!

Granny Sue
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